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Manufacturer of designer furniture for the home. The products are made of premium materials: natural solid wood, Blum fittings, ecological varnishes, and most importantly - a piece of soul invested by the masters. because all the furniture is made by hand using traditional carpentry techniques.

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1 month

The new logo of the Verdant Furniture company was created taking into account its core values: nature, elegance and quality.

It represents a harmonious combination of a symbolic sign and a textual form. The diamond-shaped sign with a sprouting green leaf reflects the company's focus on creating products that add comfort and harmony to any interior. The text part of the logo is created in a stylish and concise style, which emphasizes the modernity and professionalism of the company.

The chosen color palette reproduces natural shades, creating an impression of comfort and peace. Its use reflects the brand's focus on naturalness and sustainability, which are the company's key values.

This rebranding marks the company's commitment to creating furniture that expresses the beauty of nature and unparalleled quality.



The brand font is used in the logo and set of texts in brand communication.

The font pair Clash Display and Manrope are used on branded, business and souvenir products (for example, a business card).

Clash Display header font with strokes: Regular and Medium. Available in Latin.

Font for Manrope texts with outlines: Regular and Semibold. Available in Latin and Cyrillic.

The Clash Display headset is available for download on the fontshare.com service, has an open license that allows use in commercial projects. The Manrope font is available on Google Fonts and has an open license that allows use in commercial projects.


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