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Graphic & Web designer
Project manager / CEO

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The online store of the pharmaceutical company "Mix Pharma" is presented in a minimalist style with a focus on the company's products. The website features a simple and intuitive structure, making it easy for users to find the necessary items. Additionally, there is a personal user account where customers can view the status of their orders, purchase history, and shipping details.

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1 month
Adaptive Design

The website features responsive design, automatically adjusting to various screen sizes, ensuring convenient viewing on both computers and mobile devices. Whether you're using a smartphone, tablet, or computer, accessing the site is effortless.


The chosen Celadon Blue for the accent color is an ideal fit due to its cool, calming shade, which is associated with trust, stability, and professionalism, highlighting a serious approach to healthcare.


The website has chosen the font pairing of Rubik SemiBold and Mulish Regular. Rubik SemiBold is characterized by clear and expressive forms, which help to emphasize the headings on the website. Mulish Regular has a modern look and is easy to read, making it ideal for the main text on the site.


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