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Ideal is an oil company whose unique cooperation makes a significant contribution to the economic development of West Africa, especially the Republic of Ghana.

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2 weeks

The created Ideal Petroleum Resources brand reflects the company's strength and confidence, as well as its passion and resilience.

The sign, which is based on the ancient symbol of the God of the summer sun, Dazhbog, embodies the energy and power of the natural resources that Ideal uses for its activities.

The color palette using shades of sea comfort and crimson gold gives the brand an elegant and sophisticated look, emphasizing its prestige and status. The golden gradient adds shine and luxury to the image, expressing the success and greatness of the company.


Brand font

The company font is used to set the verbal logo and texts. Blinker headset is used on branded, business and souvenir products.

As part of the Blinker accessories, the following drawings are used:


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