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UI/UX Designer
Project manager / CEO

About Project

A virtual platform created to unite and establish cooperation between talented freelancers. The project is defined by the mission to make the process of finding and collaborating with specialists in the fields of design, marketing, SEO and web development as simple and effective as possible.

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2 month
Minimalism and Convenience

Design is based on the principles of minimalism, which allows you to focus on the important elements. Ease of use for our visitors is a key aspect of our design.

Color Palette

Bright and energetic colors reflect the creative potential of our freelancers and create a positive mood.


The choice of fonts is an important part of the design that reflects uniqueness and facilitates convenient communication. We carefully approach this element, considering both visual impact and readability.

Responsive Design

Site is responsive to different devices, providing a smooth and pleasant user experience on both computers and mobile devices.

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