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Ducos is a brand for those who appreciate professional products combined with classic elegance and minimalism. The company's range includes decorative cosmetics created with the understanding that true beauty lies in simplicity and harmony.

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1 month

As part of the branding update, the logo was successfully combined with the sign of the parent company (Cascade of Colors), creating a single integrated image. The combination of the sign and the text form looks harmonious, reflecting the unity and stability of the brands in the portfolio.

The black and white color palette was chosen to emphasize the professional nature of the brand. This minimalistic color scheme adds boldness and sophistication to Ducos, emphasizing the style and modernity of the brand. As a result, the new brand expresses energy, determination and confidence.


Brand font

The brand font is used for a set of texts in brand communication.

AR Bonnie is used for the text form of the logo.

Literata is used on branded, business and souvenir products (for example, a business card).

Font for Literata texts with drawings:

Medium and Semibold. Available in Latin and Cyrillic.

The Literata font is available on Google Fonts and has an open license that allows use in commercial projects.


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