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Cascade of Colors is a manufacturer of decorative cosmetics, specializing in the creation of pencils for eyes, eyebrows and lips. Founded in 2008 by a couple, the company works to create products that not only emphasize natural beauty, but also inspire self-expression and creativity.

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1 month

Starting with the logo update, a comprehensive branding update aimed at creating a more modern and attractive look was carried out.

The minimal details of the sign's shape have been changed to create a more modern look. The text part of the logo received a new look, where the letter "C" and the font were combined into a calligraphic inscription resembling a manuscript.

The new logo design expresses classic elegance, creating a clear and easily recognizable brand representation.

The color palette was selected with nude shades, which adds tenderness and sophistication to the brand, emphasizing its individuality and style.



The brand font is used for a set of texts in brand communication.

Work Sans is used on branded, business and souvenir products (for example, a business card).

Font for Work Sans texts with strokes: Medium and Semibold. Available in Latin.

Work Sans is available on Google Fonts and has an open license that allows use in commercial projects.


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